Executive Coaching

Where the Power Lies and How Truth Thrives in the Business Environment

Do you see your boss or your leaders as somehow less approachable, less agreeable to positive change than other folks in your organization? What are the actual words and the actual behavior that led you to believe that?

It has been said that it's lonely at the top. CEO's and executives can have a sense of isolation: their surroundings (other people) can appear unsupportive and unaware of the pressures they face from industry and governmental regulators, their boards and then the private demands to be more present with their own families.

So what about you? Are you YOURSELF approachable and open to change?

Do you find one or more people in the circle of company leadership to be talented but too often lacking in the personal side of business?

Would you like to massively improve your ability to work with Executives to help them and all players reach their highest potential?

Our program is divided into four parts:

  • Theoretical discussions of issues in the workplace
  • Sharing our individual experiences in the workplace
  • Role-playing exercises and best-practice goal setting
  • Individual and team skill building